Top 5 Autumn/Winter Nail Varnishes


Sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’ve been having a bit of trouble coming up with posts to make of late so I’ve decided to go with the general blogging trend and do a seasonal nail varnish post. I know over the past few months I’ve became more of a D.I.Y blog but over Autumn I’m going to try and become more of a lifestyle/beauty blog too, making it a much more rounded blog about me and my life. Anyway, introductory drivvle dribble drivvle over, let the nail varnish commence.


Ruthless by TopShop – £5

This is my favourite nail varnish for Autumn and Winter and is dupe for Victoria by Nails Inc. but without the £12 price tag. As well as loving the formulation this this nail varnish as it becomes completely opaque after just two thin coats I love the colour. Oxblood and brown are two of the biggest nail colour trends for A/W 2013 and this colour is a pretty much equal blend of the two, creating a rich burgundy polish perfect for day or night. Plus knowing that my nails are painted in the colour Ruthless gives me that extra bit on confidence on sluggish Autumn days.


Raspberry Nail Paint by Barry M – £2.99

I know there’s almost a stigma around Barry M Nail Paints because they’re so incredibly cheap but this has to be my all time favourite nail varnish ever!!! I know that’s a pretty big statement to make… in writing… on the internet… but it really is true, I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve been repurchasing this nail varnish for but I’m pretty sure that this is my fourth bottle and considering it usually only takes one coat I’d say that’s a pretty solid recommendation. One of my favourite things about this nail varnish is the almost chameleon colour: wear it in Summer and it’s an almost carees hot pink; wear it in Autumn and it’s a deep reddish pink. I know this is meant to be my Autumn/Winter favourites but this is definitely my all-year-round favourite nail varnish.


Velvet Underground by TopShop – £5

Although I’m including this is my no. 3 nail varnish for Autumn/Winter it’s actually been somewhat of a disappointment. In the bottle it promises to be a beautiful deep purple colour (the exact same shade as the new satchel I bought with it), however it actually paints on black with just a touch of the deepest purple. Having said that I can’t help but be drawn in the elusive purple in this shade and keep turning back to it again and again.


Blackberry Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M – £3.99

Like many bloggers I too have been sucked into the Gelly Hi-Shine range: they’re very pigmented; they’re nice and thick for smooth even layers; and they’re incredibly chip resistant. As well as the amazing formulation of these nail varnishes I love the colour of this particular polish for Autumn/Winter, despite being called Blackberry this is actually a gorgeous navy blue and not only does it go well with my predominantly navy wardrobe but also it goes incredibly well with the ultimate Winter staple: jeans.


Tate by Nails Inc – £12

Surprisingly my least favourite nail varnish is the most expensive (well least favourite of my top 5 so that’s not really saying much at all), however once again this is one of my all year round favourites because it really is the classic perfect red, but I particularly love it in Winter because of it’s holly red colour. Although I’m listing this particular nail varnish as my no. 5 I could’ve just as easily chosen Red Wine Nail Paint by Barry M (£2.99)  because the two of them are almost exactly the same. The only difference between the two is a slight shimmer in the Nails Inc bottle, something that becomes undetectable when applied but gives the illusion of an extremely high shine. As much as I love the shimmer/shine effect if you apply the Barry M version carefully enough then it’s just as shiny but for a third of the price.


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