Ombre Lampshade


Apart from the horrible brown carpet in my new room my least favourite thing is the grotty, old, dusty lampshade soooooooooooo I decided to get a new one. As I am living on a student budget (roll on student loans) I bought a plain paper lampshade from Ikea for just £4. Instead of keeping my lampshade plain and boring I decided to jazz it up a little but because the light in my room is oddly off to one side about as far away from desk as possible I couldn’t do anything that would stop even an inch of light from shining through. I decided to use the stripey sections already on the lamp to create the design and painted each section pink. Here’s the fun bit, instead of just doing white and pink stripes I decided to create an ombre effect and painted each stripe a little lighter than the last. I used crimson gouche (although you could use pretty much any sort of paint, I just used that because it was to hand) mixed with water to paint my lampshade, starting at the top and adding a little bit more water with every new section that I came to. I found that using a hairdryer to dry the lampshade after each section really helped because the wet paper was super delicate and nearly broke about eight hundred times before I decided to dry it. Although I haven’t put mine up yet because I’m saving it for when I move into my new house I have held a torch inside it to check that the pink in the shade doesn’t effect the lighting in the room and I can comfirm that although it is partly pink is completely make up friendly and doesnt give your face an all over pink glow when you’re trying to get ready in the mornings.


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