I made a cushion <3

In my quest to jazz up my new uni room (pun intended) I have started making cushion covers. Why just cushion covers I hear you cry, surely you need something to stuff them with? well no as it turns out, I don’t. After spending endless hours watching Kirstie Allsopp I have been bitten by the upcycling bug and have turned lots of old, childish cushions from my preteen years into lovely age appropriate cushions, perfect for jazzing up my bed, something which is particularly helpful as it seems to be taking up most of my room. Anyway here is how I made my joyous creation.


 1. Buy yourself some fabric and some thread the same colour as it and some buttons and some thread the same colour as them too. The amount of buttons you need will depend on how big your design/cushion is but I would highly recommend laying the buttons out in the rough shape you want them in the shop to make sure that you have enough. Also before buying your fabric you’ll need to measure your old cushion/cushion pad (sometimes cushion pads have a label with it on if this makes things any easier). Once you’ve worked out the size of your cushion you’ll need to add an inch seem allowance to each edge for the front and back. Also you’ll need to create an envelope allowance on the back, you can do this by creating two back panels with the 4 inch overlap (as in the picture on the bottom left).

2. Once you’ve cut out all your pieces of fabric you need to trace the outline of your design onto the back of your front panel. Although you can’t see this from the front it means that when you go to sew your buttons on you can line them up from the back, making a clear, defined shape.

3. Start sewing on your buttons. It’s a pretty simple step but it can take foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

4. Assemble your cushion. This may seem like a daunting statement but it’s really easy. Fold over one of the short sides of your back panels, creating an enclosed seem by folding, sewing, folding and sewing again, this’ll mean that the first messy seem is hidden leaving you with a nice, smooth finish.

 5. Once you have done this with both of the back panels, lay out all parts of the cushion with the outside facing inward and pin together all sides of the square.  Then just sew around the square in one go, double stitching the edges to make it super secure.

6. Turn your cushion cover the right way round and then stuff it with your old cushion and hey presto, you’ve just made yourself a lovely new cushion!!!



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