D.I.Y Memo Board

Having passed my first year I’m moving out of halls and into my very own house (which isn’t really my own at all because I’m sharing with friends… and technically it’s my landlord’s anyway). The first thing I noticed when I walked into my new room was a vast cream expanse of a chimney breast above my once-working fireplace sooooooooo I decided to make myself a memo board to hang there to jazz my room up a bit (see what I did there!!!). Until I moved into my room at halls I’d never had a notice board and had no idea what to really put on it, but since filling every inch of it to the point of running out of space I have decided that a memo board is a University essential even if all I put on it is letters from my grandma. So, not only was I need of something colourful to brighten up my room, but also I was in need of a notice board, and it would appear to me that those things are one and the same so I made myself a memo board. Here’s how I did it:

1. Buy yourself some MDF (we already had some in the garage but it’s really cheap anyway), some wadding (again we already had some but I don’t think it’s too expensive), some fabric (mine was a bargain at just £3/m AND I even had a enough left over to make a cushion cover), some ribbon (I went for 5mm ribbon at 35p/m), a staple gun, a pair of scissors and a ruler.

2. Cut everything out. I used a piece of MDF that was 65cm x 65cm, with wadding that was 90cm x 90cm and fabric that was 1m x 1m. Because this was my first time making a memo board or doing anything that involved power tools at all for that matter, I decided to air on the side of caution and leave a massive wrap over allowance but it really wasn’t necessary, I’d recommend cutting you’re wadding 10cm x 10cm larger than your MDF and cutting you’re fabric 15cm x 15cm larger than you MDF so that you’ve got enough to wrap around and create a clean finish but not so much that you’re wasting material.

3. Lay your wadding on the floor with the MDF on top in the center of it. Fold over the sides one at a time and start stapling, pressing the whole base of the staple gun onto the wadding/MDF to make a nice even staple with as little of it sticking out as possible. Once you’ve stapled all of the sides (making sure to pull the wadding taught as you do so) trim the excess wadding from the corners leaving about 1cm overlap between the two flaps so that you can staple them and secure all of your wadding in place.


4. Lay your fabric on the floor face down with your covered MDF on top in the centre. Again staple all of the sides, making sure to pull the fabric taught as you do so, however when it comes to the corners DO NOT CUT THEM or else your notice board will just look messy and bad, instead fold them (I would recommend folding them twice so that the fold isn’t the same size as the corner else you mind end up with a little bit of over hang) and then staple the fold in place, leaving you with a tidy notice board.


5. Finally do the ribbon. Work out how big you want your squares (or rectangles) to be, work out your measurements and create a little mark on the back of your board so that you know where to place your ribbon (in theory the mark should be covered by your ribbon but do it on the back just incase). Once you’ve worked out where you want your ribbon to be simply take your reel of ribbon hold it in position and staple the first end (making sure your staple goes in the direction of the ribbon to stop your ribbon from falling through the staple), reel it along to where you want you ribbon to end staple that too and then cut off the reel. Secure the rest of the ribbon in the same way, making sure to weave your ribbons through one another (this will keep stuff held up in place) and hey presto you are done.


Well done you, you just made your own memo board!!!!!!!!!


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