I have just found the best D.I.Y website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that’s a pretty big statement to make but this really is an amazing site, full of D.I.Y ideas for girls, it’s got all the usual suspects along with loads of tutorials for clothes and jewellery too. I cannot wait to get started on some […]

D.I.Y Memo Board

Having passed my first year I’m moving out of halls and into my very own house (which isn’t really my own at all because I’m sharing with friends… and technically it’s my landlord’s anyway). The first thing I noticed when I walked into my new room was a vast cream expanse of a chimney breast […]

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is finally officially official; I am back from University for the summer WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. And as I’m sure many of you are aware: student – university = blogging So, seeing as I have applied for billions upon billions of summer jobs and have heard absolutely nothing back I have decided to dedicate my time to […]