So anyone who knows me knows I always have my nails painted ALWAYS. And if you know this you will also know that even though I love a good bit of nail art I am TERRIBLE at painting my nails, yet they still look good once I’ve finished them. This is what brings me to today’s post, seeing as I haven’t really begun my blog yet I had no idea where to start, but I thought this would nail it (pun intended).

After I’ve done my basecoat and painted my nails there is nail varnish EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere, so it takes quite a while to tidy up my nails. I always find that dipping a cotton wool bud in nail varnish remover means that I either can’t get close enough to the edges of my nails OR I manage to wipe out a long strip of nail varnish, so I always do one of two things; I either dip a small nail art brush in nail varnish remover and go around my nails because the tiny tip means that I can get right up to the edges of my nails OR I leave them overnight until all the globby bits have well and truly dried and then just peel (or maybe push would be more accurate) the messy bits off using another nail to do so. Although this may seem like a bit of a faff I am terrible at doing my nails, but tidying them up like this means I can still have nice nails.


Now, this brings me on to the second part of my post: nail art. Despite having what-I-call Ozzy Osbourne hands I love painting my nails and especially doing nail art to show off to other people and generally make them think I’m amazing… not that they ever think that but I try. Anyway as lots of people ask me about how I do it I thought I could use this to show you how I somehow manage to do my nail art, if it’s easy enough for me to do with the hands of an alchy, then surely everyone else can too. So Day 1 in Jas’ Amazing School of Nails is (wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit) stripes. Stripes are sooooooooooo easy AND you don’t need a striper brush to do them!!!!! Back in the day (about 4 months ago) I was nail art brushless and had to slum it with the rest of the students but did that stop me decorating my nails? No, no it did not. One day while flicking through Pinterest instead of writing an essay, I found a wonderful pin: how to make your own striper brush. Once you have a nail varnish that has ran out/gone gloopy/you’re now wondering why you ever thought lime green was a good nail colour rinse out the pot and brush in water, clean it all out with nail varnish remover and rinse it out again, making it look like a brand spanking new, all be it empty, pot. Then do they unthinkable and start cutting away at the clean brush strand by strand until voila, you have your very own striper brush. Now, DIY aside, stripes are very easy to do but here are just a couple of tips to help them be mistake free. 1. Don’t pour the nail varnish out of the bottle as you would with any other brush, dipping the striper brush in the pot not only means that you’re not wasting nail varnish but also that you can wipe off any excess on the side of the neck so that you don;t get lumpy lines. 2. Always start on your ring finger then if its too much hassle or its not going to plan you can just repeat it on the nail on your other hand and hey presto you have a ring finger manicure rather than one weird little finger that doesn’t match the rest. 3. Always start in the middle and work your way out alternating from one side to the other to make sure your spaces are even. And 4. Always wait until your stripes are 100% completely dry before you put your clear coat on else the whole thing (and your pot of nail varnish) will be ruined!!!!!!



P.S. So pleased I managed not to write about strippers anywhere else this could’ve been very different.


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