Drum roll please… IT’S MY FIRST BLOG ENTRY!!!!!!

As a student I’ve managed to get pretty darn good at procrastinating: writing letters to my grandma; doing sudokus (because I should probably check that my brain is still working); googling the answers to logo quizzes because the quiz is too hard but I still want the sense of achievement from doing it; cleaning; tidying; organising; painting my nails and watching paint dry BUT recently I have found a truly revolutionary way to procrastinate… it’s official my favourite hobby is listening to people talk about their hobbies. I know it sound boring but I just can’t get enough of it, Pinterest, Youtube, WordPress, Blogger, you name it I love it. Until recently I though the internet was just for Facebook, research and getting out buying a TV liscence but now I have seen the light: the internet is one infinite magazine, one never ending Great British Bake Off, one continuous Sewing Bee. Suddenly I’ve found myself with bookmark upon bookmark of things that I definitely must do but probably never will do. SO after hours of pretending to do make up tutorials and nail art boards I’ve decided to combine two key factors: my want to contribute (although YouTube seems much too scary right now) and my need to have a kick up the backside to actually make me do all these things I want to, and start up my own blog. I am Jasmine Short, I am 18 years old, and I am a blogger.

Here’s to my first post

What’s the betting this is also my last



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